Dr. Joel Lavine

About Me

Many of Dr. Joel Lavine's research interests have been around finding and understanding underlying biological processes that influence children and require the use of basic science, engineering, computer, and diagnostic tools in order to properly treat.." There are a startling number of domains covered by his study, making him a trailblazer in a wide variety of subjects.

A few examples are his efforts to bring together pediatrics and internal medicine, pathology and radiology in the treatment of obese children and adults during the past twenty years. These themes include the identification of various treatment strategies that may assist people with obesity better understand their bodies and the effects of obesity on them. His scientific career has spanned more than four decades, yet he has just just begun.

Natural history and genetics, biomarker discovery, and therapy for nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) are among his key research interests. Few individuals are aware of the seriousness of this ailment and how detrimental it is to one's physical well-being. Approximately 25 percent of American people are affected by this disorder, which can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and other ailments.

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